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VIA UNO Cucina Italiana and Bar - (650) 560-8858

VIA UNO Cucina Italiana and Bar


From Calabria to Campania, Rome to Naples, and Potenza to Cosenza, the many culinary flavors of Southern Italy's regions find their way to VIA UNO's cucina daily. We are proud to share with you recipes from our families, friends and chefs, both traditional and contemporary. Our menu features farm-to-table foods that are hand selected daily from farms along the coast and in the San Francisco Bay Area. This style of purchasing is the true Italian trattoria way: using local, regionally grown and artisan produced fare, and preparing these ingredients in the Italian Slow Food Movement style.
To Italians, a meal is more than just food - it's an experience, it's a memory, and it's an event to be shared with family and friends. Welcome to VIA UNO!

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